Dr. Ann Quinn

Peak Performance Specialist

CEO – Quintessential Edge

From Grand Slams to gold medals and World Championships, Dr. Ann Quinn has a long track record of creating winners. Her clients have included Pat Cash, Pat Rafter, members of the Australian cricket team, an Australian Football League (AFL) national team, world boxing and kickboxing champions and multiple Paralympic gold medalists. In addition to 30 years of wisdom and expertise gained from worldwide coaching, she has a diverse background in Sports Science with degrees in Psychology, Biomechanics, Human Movement, Nutrition and Education.

Driven by a passion for tennis, Ann embarked on a journey with the ATP and WTA Tours for over 15 years helping players win over 50 Grand Slam titles. Other roles widely extend to Health and Fitness, Coaching and Education, Sports Sciences as well as a lecturer in Performance Psychology.

Ann is one of the prestigious group of individuals to be honored with the ITF’s Award for Services to the Game in Coaching as well as the Australian Sports Medal and the Professional Tennis Registry, Plagenhoef Sports Science Award and the NSCA Coach of the Year for Australasia.

She has served on the ITF Coaches Commission and the Sports Science and Medicine Commission for more than 10 years and has been a member of the Player Development Advisory Panel of the WTA Tour since 2000.

APG welcomed Ann to the Global Advisory Board in 2019.